Transmission Coolers

At Alvie's Transmission in Jacksonville, our priority is keeping your transmission shifting smooth and running strong for years to come. While proper maintenance, driving habits, and a myriad of other conditions affect the life and reliability of a transmission, there are also ways to increase the overall efficiency of your unit, even above stock performance.

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Do transmission additives work?

At Alvie's Transmission in Jacksonville, we’re familiar with the many over the counter remedies that promise to cure your car, truck, or SUV of all its transmission woes. But, do any of them actually work, and are they even safe for your transmission?

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Clutch Cables

Many cars, particularly models produced between the 1970s and the 1990s, utilize cable clutch designs instead of hydraulics to operate the clutch. Here’s a brief explanation of clutch cable systems, from Alvie's Transmission in Jacksonville.

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Excellent Job

Bill Minkel
Customer Review
Alvie recently replaced the transmission in my 2006 Ram 3500 with a new Jasper transmission; he did an excellent job in a very short time. The warranty with the Jasper is unparalleled and Alvie makes it simple. This Jasper replaces the Jasper transmission that Alvie put in this same truck seven years and 235,000 miles ago; the original factory transmission lasted half that. This truck hauls equipment around town everyday and runs all day long. Alvie has replaced transmissions in a number of my vehicles going back to the early 1990’s and I recommend Alvies Transmissions to anyone who asks.

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