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AAA+++ Rating - Alvies is fast and professional

Very impressive and a AAA+++ rating in my book!  First thing you notice is how clean Alvie's shop is....you could literally eat off of the floor! And if a man pays that much attention to the details of his shop....well that was selling point number one for me.  Number 2, Alvie was very honest and upfront with me. He could have sold me on the idea that I came to him with and made a ton of money, but it wouldn't have been the best way to go in the long run. Because of his suggestions and forethinking, I now have my transmission back! He is fast, he is detailed, he has many years of professional knowledge and I will... hands down... go back to him with any vehicle I have that requires transmission work. Hats off to you Alvie!

2004 Tahoe w/5.3L engine.......and now a perfect transmission!! - Joel Langdon

Alvie, "Thank you Mr Langdon for allowing me to help you with your transmission concerns.  We at Alvie's wish for you many years of Smooth Shifting."

He literally worked through the night for us!!!

Our transmission failed outside of Jacksonville Florida Christmas Eve as we were driving down I-95 from out of state.  Alvie could not have been any more accommodating, waiting for our tow and keeping his shop open until we could secure a last-minute rental car.  The warranty company got him the replacement transmission late New Year's Eve, and he called me at noon on New Year's Day to let me know that we were good to return home.   He literally had worked through the night and next morning (New Year's Day I remind you) to get me and my family back on the road. 

He even called to make sure that we made it home safely.  We owe him a debt of gratitude for his kindness and dedication. I can't even imagine how the ordeal would have turned out had we not had the "fortune" of breaking down a few miles from Alvie's shop.  -  Scott Gordon

Never a problem at Alvie's

Alvie Rock's! Alvie has done multiple transmissions for me over the years. Never a problem with any of them. Reasonable rate for top notch work! - Lance Semones

Always satisfied

Had Alvie built a 700R and a Turbo 400 for me both are working up to my expectations , The 400 is behind a 525 cubic in in a 69 Chevelle SS.   I have sent may jobs to Alvie and they were all satisfied.  -  Donnie Effler of Jacksonville Florida

He saved us a couple of grand!

My wife's KIA Spectra had some serious issues with the transmission shifting erratically and very hard, and no overdrive. Found several recommendations on the Internet regarding Alvie's, so decided to take it to him. He said he didn't work on KIA's but would try and run some diagnostics and see if he could help us determine if it was a very expensive issue or a cheaper issue.

He called us back soon and told us it appeared to be an electrical issue, and should not be extremely expensive to fix. He also recommended another shop to us and told us they were very good and trustworthy.  We took it to the shop he recommended and total out the door cost for repairs was $577.00 (wow...saved us a couple of grand!)

Transmission now works perfect and we are very happy and thankful. Alvie really helped us with his diagnostics and referral. This man is one very good and honest person, and we will recommend him to anyone who has transmission problems. On a scale of 1 to 10...he's a 100 plus!  -  Robert Young of Jacksonville Florida

Great job!!!

Great job troubleshooting the leak on my wife's transmission. 2 other shops, one of which was staffed with ASE Master mechanics, diagnosed the leak incorrectly as coming from the valve body cover and she was quoted ~$600 for the repair. Alvie spent just a couple of minutes and found where the leak was really coming from. It just goes to show that is no substitute for experience and attention to detail. Alvie knows his stuff! No one else I would call for transmissions, period!

- Roger Willis of Jacksonville Florida

He explains it and knows his transmissions

I heard about Alvie's by word of mouth so when I needed service I called him. Alvie took the time and explained everything clearly. When I took the vehicle to the shop he gave me a tour and the place which was spotless. I used to work in the industry and some of the shops where I worked were total pig styes. This place is one clean shop. I took my SUV in there late Wednesday and had it back Friday afternoon. Can't beat that kind of service.

Thanks Alvie......Jeff Koppelman of Jacksonville Florida

I appreciate you Alvie

Alvie, I appreciate your professional and honest work !!!  Alvie installed a remanufactured JASPER transmission last month for my 2002 Toyota Highlander. I think it runs better than my 2012 Highlander that I also have.

I spoke with 4 other repair shops in the Jacksonville area that also did transmission work, however, Alvie is the EXPERT. Transmission work is all Alvie does; he does the work himself!  The 3 year/100,000 mile warranty on parts and labor is the best in Northeast Florida.

Besides calling JASPER Engines directly, I called 3 other transmission remanufacturing facilities in the Midwest and Virginia. The companies that actually remanufactur or rebuild the transmissions. You need to know what you are buying.

Alvie's work was done on time and actually came in a few dollars under the quote. Now that is an honest man!!!
He also called me after 3 weeks to see how the car was driving and to make sure everything was running smoothly.
- Thank you again Alvie, David Stanley of Jacksonville Florida

I highly recommend Alvie's

Had trouble with a JASPER transmission installed in Tennessee. Alvie contacted JASPER and replaced the transmission, after the test drive he was not happy with the transmission's performance so he contacted JASPER again and obtained a second transmission to correct the problems. Alvie was professional and courteous throughout the entire process and kept me informed as the work progressed.  I highly recommend Alvie's Transmission Service Unlimited for all transmission work.  

Bonus: He and his wife are very pleasant and a joy to know.  Thanks for everything, Richard Hackett of Kingsland Georgia
Repy from Alvie: Thank you very much,,, Here if you need me..Alvie

He knows transmissions

Honest, Knowledgeable and Professional - Alvie gives you the best transmission service in town. - Thanks Alvie, Dave Waters of Jacksonville Florida

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